Is You Air Conditioning System Leaking?

Posted on: 7 March 2019
A little precipitation on your air conditioner may not be cause for alarm because it could be condensation forming on the unit. But if you find that water is dripping noticeably from the unit, then it is a definitive sign that it needs professional maintenance. Nonetheless, there are a few things that you should know about leaks stemming from your air conditioning system so that you do not have to contend with this issue in the future.
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Does Your Bathroom Mirror Give You an Accurate Reflection?

Posted on: 8 February 2019
The odds are that you check out your own reflection multiple times each day. As far as the number of times you look at your own reflection each day, would you think it's an average number of times? Interestingly, men look at themselves in the mirror some 23 times per day, with women averaging a check of their own reflection some 16 times per day. Where do you fall on that scale?
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Strong Reasons to Choose Roof Trusses for Your Home

Posted on: 17 January 2019
Building your dream home or remodelling to achieve your new design is an exciting time. This is also a time of questions, choices, and confusion. You will have many design and architectural decisions to make. You want everything to be safe, long lasting and beautiful. Here are some strong reasons to choose roof trusses for your home roofing design that will cover all three. Load Bearing Strength Roof trusses are an interlocking system of triangular design.
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Ornamental Plaster Designs to Elevate Your Home's Appeal

Posted on: 31 December 2018
Most Australians have come across drywall plastering either in their homes or in other structures. This type of plaster creates a seamless, smooth wall surface making it perfect for any room in a building. However, have you ever considered ornamental plaster? This application of plaster entails the creation of transformative designs that add a unique appeal to any part of your structure. Ornamental plaster is typically three-dimensional and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
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