Strong Reasons to Choose Roof Trusses for Your Home

Posted on: 17 January 2019

Building your dream home or remodelling to achieve your new design is an exciting time. This is also a time of questions, choices, and confusion. You will have many design and architectural decisions to make. You want everything to be safe, long lasting and beautiful. Here are some strong reasons to choose roof trusses for your home roofing design that will cover all three.

Load Bearing Strength

Roof trusses are an interlocking system of triangular design. This design allows the load of the roof to be distributed to the points with the most strength allowing them to withstand higher pressures from elements like wind and rain. Roof trusses can also be designed in a multitude of ways to accommodate most building designs, making them a versatile addition to any home. Roof trusses are available in wood or steel to fit your requirements and design needs. Timber roof trusses are going to be the more economical in the short term of the two However, they will need to be pretreated and will have a shorter lifespan than that of steel roof trusses.  Steel roof trusses will come at a higher upfront price but with a longer life span, meaning it will take more time before they need to be replaced. The decision will ultimately come down to what you want for your home or project.

Precision Design

One advantageous aspect of roof trusses is that they are pre-manufactured in a shop environment. This means that each piece is cut on a machine to the exact specifications needed for your home. Each of the roof trusses will be built to the same dimensions, assuring fewer mistakes and wasted time on the job site. This means that every piece will fit the way it was designed to and be ready when it arrives at your home to be installed.

Quick Installation

Prefabrication and the precision design of roof trusses reduce their installation time. Because they come to your home ready to go up, the workers can get straight to work building your roof, which eliminates the extra time of connecting the pieces together either before or while they are attaching them to your home. This will result in lower labour costs on your site.

With so many tough decisions to make while building your dream home, let the strength, precision design and quick installation of roof trusses make these decisions easy for you, allowing you to get the long-lasting, safe and beautiful home you have probably always dreamed about.

For more information, contact a local roof truss manufacturer or supplier like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd