Ornamental Plaster Designs to Elevate Your Home's Appeal

Posted on: 31 December 2018

Most Australians have come across drywall plastering either in their homes or in other structures. This type of plaster creates a seamless, smooth wall surface making it perfect for any room in a building. However, have you ever considered ornamental plaster? This application of plaster entails the creation of transformative designs that add a unique appeal to any part of your structure. Ornamental plaster is typically three-dimensional and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. If you are thinking of ways to spruce up your interiors and overall kerb appeal, you should consider hiring a plasterer for ornamental purposes. But what options can you choose? Read on for a few ornamental plaster designs to elevate your home's appeal.


If you are enamoured with the sophistication of the old world, then cornices will be a perfect addition to your interior décor. Cornices are plaster mouldings that are installed on the upper borders of your walls. They lie right between the ceiling and the wall and can run around the entire room. If you want to make the space look formal, for example, a dining room, you can have the cornices moulded above your windows and doors, too.

Coffered ceilings

Are you bored with your flat, smooth ceiling? Then you should deliberate on adding some depth to it with a coffered ornamental design. This type of ceiling is characterised by sunken panels, which are typically rectangular or square. The shapes form a grid all over the ceiling, adding a unique touch that will always be visually interesting. While coffered ceilings are highly decorative, they are also functional. The plaster acts as additional support to your ceiling while simultaneously injecting an elegant feel to the room.


This technique of ornamental plastering is a great way of mimicking marble in your home. Your plasterer will mix the plaster with glue and specialised dyes before they apply the mixture to your preferred wall. The similarity of the plaster to marble will be dependent on the colours that you choose for the combination. Thus, you will either get a wall that looks virtually identical to marble or that appears to have semiprecious stones lending to its glistening surface. The scagliola design of ornamental plaster is also great for columns in your home, as they add visual interest to otherwise bland pillars. Therefore, if you are looking to introduce a degree of grandeur to a part of your home, this type of ornamental plaster will be perfect!