Why Use CAD Design When You Fit Out a New Store?

Posted on: 22 November 2022

If you are planning the layout for a new store, then you might have already decided to hire a retail fitouts contractor. While you might think that your contractor will simply fit out your store for you, it's also worth looking at their planning and design services before the project starts.

For example, many fitout companies offer CAD planning tools. They create detailed three-dimensional computer plans of your store's layout. What are the benefits of using CAD plans before you start work on your fitout?

1. Get a Detailed View of Your Layout

Regular two-dimensional plans do a job. They show you the basic layout of your store. You'll see where everything will go.

However, two-dimensional plans are flat. You have to use your imagination to work out how your store will look when its fitout is complete. You won't get the full picture.

If your fitout specialist creates CAD plans, then you get a better visual depiction of your store's layout. You can walk through a three-dimensional plan. You'll get a clearer idea of how your finished store will look and work.

2. Create Your Perfect Layout

Two-dimensional plans don't give you a real-world view of your store's layout. Plans might look good on paper; however, you might miss things that you would have changed if you had the chance.

For example, two-dimensional plans give you measurements and layouts; however, you won't know how this all works until the fitout is done. At this stage, you can't easily make changes. Plus, your costs will increase if you have to retrofit changes once the job is done.

If you have a CAD plan, then you can see how your store works in 3D. You can check access measurements and fixture sizes and positions. You can see how your store will work for you and your customers when it opens.

If you aren't happy with anything on the plan, your contractor can make quick changes to their system. You'll be more confident moving to the physical fitout stage.

3. Get a More Efficient Budget

If your contractors use CAD planning, then they might also link this system with their costing process. They get more exact estimates for the costs of your materials, time and labour.

If you make changes during the planning process, then your costs will automatically update. You won't go over budget because you have more cost control.

Your fitout contractors also benefit from having a more detailed plan. They are less likely to run into problems that might increase your costs during the fitout stage. You shouldn't have any nasty budget surprises.

To find out more about CAD designs and other useful planning services, contact retail fitouts specialists.