4 Reasons To Monitor Vibrations in Your Next Construction Project

Posted on: 28 April 2022

Typical construction activities include excavation, blasting, piling, drilling, using heavy equipment and machinery, deep foundation installations, etc. Usually, such activities generate vibrations that can disturb the site and its surroundings. Therefore, if you have an upcoming construction project, especially on a site bordering several buildings, it would be critical to invest in vibration monitoring devices and equipment. Monitoring vibrations in your construction site is vital in many ways. Here's more on this.

Compliance With Standards

Non-compliance with building standards can set you back hundreds and thousands of dollars in lawsuits and other fines and penalties. Vibration monitoring is no exception. Many building codes and standards by authorities and tendering guidelines require you to monitor the vibrations coming from your construction activities. Such data is imperative in enabling you to measure the impact level on the surrounding buildings, which is critical for establishing plans to mitigate any related risks.

Reduced Structural Damage Risks

Pile drivers, rock breakers and other heavy construction equipment and machinery can generate extreme vibrations when running that could weaken the structure itself and its neighbouring properties. On the other hand, weakened structures may collapse and cause significant losses and injuries. Besides losses and injuries, damaging your neighbouring properties can come with serious damage and injury claims and litigations that may not be forgiving on your finances. Therefore, vibration monitoring comes in handy to mitigate such risks. Typically, vibration monitoring experts will measure the ground vibrations using specialised devices and advise you on potential dangers and possible solutions to avert them. It is worth noting that construction vibration monitoring should occur continuously throughout the construction period.

Reduced Machinery And Equipment Damage Risks

Vibrations can also impact your construction equipment and machinery. Usually, vibrations affecting machinery and equipment could originate from your construction activities or the machinery itself. Therefore, it's critical to monitor both. Doing this can help you prevent excessive wear and tear on your construction machinery and equipment. It will also keep you from constant replacement and repair issues that often come with a reduced machinery lifespan and increased downtime and overall project costs.

Increased Health And Safety For The Workers

Your workers' safety and health are crucial. Therefore, it's vital to protect them from all project-related safety and health issues. Exposure to prolonged vibrations in the worksite may have long-term effects on your workers. Therefore, monitoring the vibration levels in your construction can help you understand how best to plan your workers' shifts, the right gear to invest in to cushion them from excessive vibrations, etc.