4 Questions To Ask Your Builder

Posted on: 16 November 2021

Building a house is a cost-effective and convenient way to own your home. Besides, it allows you to customise the house to fit your preferences. The builder is at the heart of the construction process since they actualise the blueprints. Most people have a hard time choosing a builder since they cannot tell if they have the experience needed to complete the house. This extract puts forward some questions that you can use to interview a builder. With luck, you will have an easy time when choosing a builder. 

1. Can You Give A Tour Of Some Of Your Projects?

Most clients will shy off from asking this question. However, it is the only way to determine the builder's specialisation. For example, some builders specialise in home renovation projects, others build extensions, and others can build the property from the ground up. Additionally, check the builder's reputation and their accreditations. For example, a builder who has won awards or received accolades will definitely provide quality services.  

2. What Services Do You Outsource? 

From the onset, the builder should be transparent about the services they provide and those they outsource. For example, it could be that the builder will outsource excavation, plumbing and electrical services. In this case, you should vet the subcontractors to ensure they have the expertise and licencing required to conduct the work. The builder should also include these subcontractors in their general liability insurance. It protects you from losses caused by negligence and poor-quality work. 

3. What Guarantees Do You Give? 

Most reputable builders will give a warranty on their work. In most cases, they will offer free repair and maintenance for a specified period. These guarantees are an indication that the professional is confident in their work. The builder should also explain their quality control standards. Ideally, they should hire a certifier to ensure they comply with the construction laws. How long will it take to finish the house? The contract of engagement should penalise the builder for delays caused by their incompetence. 

4. Can You Work With Bank Finance?  

Bank-financed projects can be challenging for some builders. Ideally, the bank makes payments after the successful completion of a specified piece of work. Builders with financial problems or those with too many projects might not be comfortable with such arrangements. As such, it is always wise to highlight this condition before hiring the builder. 

When hiring a builder, assess their experience, services, guarantees and ability to work with bank finance. Remember to compare quotes before settling on one builder.