Commercial Project Management Tips

Posted on: 17 August 2021

Managing commercial construction projects can be a nerve-wracking affair. More often than not, there are many ongoing activities and tens of personnel working at the site. So, how can you ensure that the site operations go as planned? Below are a few commercial project management tips. 

Delegate Roles

As the project manager, it would be difficult for you to follow up on every activity at the site. Therefore, you should divide the construction personnel into teams, each with functional leadership. These teams should include: 

  • Planning and design: It includes the engineers who conducted the initial site survey and the architects who designed the building and drafted the blueprints.
  • Construction: The contractors and subcontractors at the site conduct building work at the site. The team could also include engineers supervising the construction works.
  • Quality control: It includes building surveyors who approved the construction works. The surveyors ensure that the engineers and contractors observe the required standards.
  • Budgeting: It consists of the developer, project manager and representatives of the financial institutions funding the project.    

Track The Budget

Imagine a situation where the construction budget runs out before the project completion. The easiest way to track the budget is by ensuring that you have accurate projections from the project's onset. If possible, hire two independent quantity surveying teams to quote the project. These budgets should be reviewed by the planning and construction teams to ensure that they reflect the current market prices. After this, create a timetable detailing the various construction activities and how much they will cost. You will use this schedule to track the construction budget. 

Create A Safety Protocol

Safety is a critical aspect of any commercial construction project. Below are some crucial safety measures: 

  • Create a traffic control plan to prevent accidents caused by plant equipment or trucks accessing the site or working at the site.
  • Ensure that contractors use the right plant equipment for the right job.
  • Ensure that construction personnel and visitors have appropriate protective gear.
  • Ask site supervisors and riggers to inspect plant and height safety equipment after every shift.
  • Initiate a suitable mode of communication and educate personnel about the swing angles of the various machines at the site.
  • Ensure proper lighting and signage at the site.

Site Assessments  

The quality control team should conduct regular assessments to ensure that the construction works reflect the blueprints. The inspection should also include risk assessments to ensure that the construction team is prepared for hazards. For instance, rain could cause flooding at the site or weaken soils. 

Commercial project management tips include delegating roles, tracking the budget, creating a safety protocol and conducting site inspections.