Screw Piles: Top Reasons You Need Them for Your Deck's Foundation

Posted on: 25 May 2021

Are you building a deck for your home? Like any other construction project, a good foundation for your deck is the key to durability. Concrete is a standard option many homeowners think of when it comes to deck foundation, and for many good reasons. However, a screw pile foundation is an alternative worth considering. Screw piles are steel shafts containing a series of helical plates welded at different places along the shaft. Just like screwing into a piece of wood, the screw shafts are driven into the ground during installation. Screw pile foundations come with many benefits, and here are the reasons why they are an excellent option for your deck.

Speedy Installation

Installing screw piles is typically faster than other deck installation methods. The process is generally straightforward since it only involves driving the screw piles into the ground. It also relies on general construction equipment like excavators. All you need to do is choose the right attachments, such as hydraulic motors, to help drive the steel shafts into the ground. Unlike other options like concrete, screw pile installation is not affected by weather conditions. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the rains slowing down your progress. Also, no excavation is needed, saving you both money and time.

Little to No Ground Disturbance

The installation technique used in screw pile foundations ensures minimal ground disturbance, which pays off in multiple ways. For instance, screw pile installation doesn't produce soil cuttings, which helps keep the site clean and reduces the amount of clean-up needed after installation. It's also easy to work around other structures during installation, because screw piles typically have a small footprint. What's more, since they produce minimal vibrations, disruption to any adjacent structures is reduced significantly.

Immediate Use

Screw pile foundations don't require any curing period like their concrete counterparts. You can proceed to the next phase of your deck installation as soon as the screw shafts are driven into the ground. This is particularly crucial if you have a tight project timeline, as it significantly reduces project delays.

Flexibility on Any Ground

Among the many advantages of screw pile foundations is that they can be installed on any ground. Whether it's rocky or soft ground, you can still choose screw piles. Screw piles tend to improve the stability of loose or poor soil. They help compress the existing soil, which prevents shifting because of the tension created from the compression.

For more information about screw piling, contact a contractor in your area.