Building Inspections: Three Central Tips for Working With Your Surveyor

Posted on: 25 August 2020

The process of building inspection is essential for ensuring that the new structure is safe and legal. Therefore, if you are constructing a new house, you must engage a building surveyor for this type of assessment. In general, these specialist surveyors are professionals who are well-versed in the technical aspects of establishing a good building.

They are equipped with information on regulations and standards of construction and their interpretation. Building inspections are set to allow a surveyor to assess the house and ensure that it is built in the correct manner. If you are preparing to hire a building surveyor, use the outlined tips to promote efficiency during the inspection.

Understand the Rules

You should check the requirement for building inspection in your local area. The specific rules will depend on the legislation established for the state or territory. You should note that there are mandatory inspections which must be carried out at specific points during the construction process. The details are usually included in the conditions outlined in the building permit or approval.

The common mandatory checks include footings, slab, waterproofing and framing inspections. The house must also go through a final inspection which ensures that there is general compliance with diverse standards. It is also prudent for you to discuss non-obligatory inspections with the surveyor. Thorough assessment of general safety aspects will ensure structural durability.  

Provide Site Information

It is important to ensure that the information about your construction site is displayed before the inspection session. This is a requirement for all on-going buildings. The board will provide critical details about the building, including the registration and permit numbers and the names of the contractors and the surveyor. If you are booking the first inspection, you must provide the specific lot number to the surveyor. If there is no lot number, you can give the street number for easy locating. In addition, ensure that the surveyor has a contact number for one of the people on the site.

Provide Access Platform

The building inspection process requires the surveyor to look at the specific features and components of the new structure. It is important to ensure that the professional will be able to access the areas that they need to assess. Therefore, when scheduling a framework inspection or general at-height assessment, you should ensure that there is a secure access platform for use. The unit can be a simple ladder or other special equipment like lifts as long as they meet appropriate safety standards. 

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