Give Your Customers More than What They Came For! 3 Fitout Design Ideas to Make Your Cafe More Appealing to Your Customers

Posted on: 28 May 2020

If you want your cafe to look trendier and attract more customers, get a fitout professional to redesign its interiors. Fitout designs are critical in the hospitality industry, and they don't have to be complicated and expensive to enhance the interior of your cafe. Most customers don't come to your cafe because they desperately need a cup of cappuccino or ginger tea. They also come because they need to unwind, make some business calls, meet up with someone or just hang out with friends or peers. So if your cafe can't offer the conducive environment for the quality time your customers need, hire a hospitality fitout expert to help you redesign it before you lose them to your competitors. See what you should do when planning a cafe fitout that exceeds your customers' expectations.

Consider Friendlier Flooring

Most business people in the hospitality industry don't include flooring in their fitout process, but it's among the first things you should consider. Your flooring means a lot to your customers in terms of beauty, hygiene and safety. If you just redesign the ceiling, windows and walls, and leave out flooring, most customers will notice something is missing. Before the customers sit on those comfy seats and place their keys and phones on the striking round-tables, flooring is the first thing they see when stepping in at the door. Slippery or scratched flooring will put off some customers before they sit or place an order. However, if the floor of your cafe has timber or vinyl plank-tiles, most customers will find it safer and more appealing.

Mind the Colours You Choose

The colours in your cafe can influence what the customers will take or even prompt them to change what they had intended to order. Colours that don't look appealing to your customers will not help your cafe business to grow. Use purple and blue minimally, probably in the food-serving zones only. Since these two colours don't appear naturally in most beverages and foods, they might not increase appetite or promote hunger. If you serve fast-foods like hot chips, the red colour will do the trick. But if you want to encourage your customers to eat healthy, fresh meals, green is the colour to use. Although clashing colours draw the customer's attention quickly, they end up overwhelming them, making them eat fast, leave immediately or even order takeaways.

Choose Lighting Carefully

When choosing the lighting for your cafe, first consider how it will affect the colours in the interior space. If the colours on the walls, table cloths and ceiling harmonise the cafe's theme perfectly, don't introduce lighting that will compromise or contradict it, no matter how enticing it might be. Consider the food you serve and how the lighting will affect its appearance. If food presentation isn't your main concern, go for warm lighting to create a friendlier atmosphere. But if you are keen on how you present your food, cool lighting will help present the colours in the dishes or meals more perfectly.

An excellent cafe fitout design should help the customers get the delicious meals and conducive environment they came for. If customers find the interiors of your cafe appealing, they will find whatever you serve them delicious. Since choosing the most suitable fitout design for your cafe can be tricky, contact the hospitality fitout design experts to help you.

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