All You Need To Know About Modern Home Designs

Posted on: 11 December 2019

Do you wish to build a home? Modern home designs incorporate a variety of features meant to increase the comfort and appeal of the property. These homes are not only in high demand, but they also fetch a good price in the real estate market. The article below discusses a few design features of modern homes and why these trends appeal to most buyers.


Modern homes are strategically located. For instance, some people would prefer to build on a hill to take advantage of the sun. They would also have a beautiful view of their surroundings. Other considerations to make are the proximity to amenities such as roads and shopping malls, security and potential vulnerability to natural disasters.

Energy Efficiency

Climate change has made people environmentally conscious. As such, there has been a steady demand for energy-efficient homes. Below are some ways to make your home energy efficient. 

  1. Take advantage of renewable energy systems. For instance, you could use solar power to heat and light up your home.
  2. Insulated walls and tinted windows can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning in your home.
  3. Ample lighting will reduce the demand for electricity in the house. For example, you could install skylights, large windows and glass doors.
  4. Energy-efficient homes use environmentally friendly materials. For instance, you could use sustainably sourced timber, recycled steel or plant-based polyurethane rigid foam.

Use of Colour and Space

Modern homes have picturesque interiors. Expect high-quality fittings and finishes. More often than not, the curtains, furniture, wall hangings and wall paints have complementary colours. It is achieved by choosing a specific interior colour scheme. 

The homes adopt an open living concept. As such, there are fewer walls inside the house. For instance, you may go for a sunken living room overlooked by the kitchen and dining area. The home's interior could also blend with the landscape. For example, the kitchen balcony could be a deck located close to the swimming pool. Alternatively, the living room could extend into a patio once you open a sliding glass door.

Landscape Appeal

The outdoors are an essential aspect of modern homes. Outdoor living areas such as gazebos, patios and pergolas are a must-have. The landscape incorporates high-quality turf that can withstand heavy traffic and changing weather patterns. Some people will have organic gardens where they plant vegetables for home use. Landscape lighting such as spotlights, fibre optic lighting and floodlights make the property a sight to behold at night.

With the above tips, you should have an easy time building a modern home. Work with a company that creates architectural homes if these things appeal to you.