How to Augment Security at Your Office's Entrance

Posted on: 14 November 2019

Although the vast majority of offices and other places of work remain relatively crime-free in Australia, break-ins do occur from time to time. In some cases, this is because inadequate security measures have been taken to safeguard offices during the night. Windows and other entry points should all be looked at anew from a security point of view. However, far too many office managers overlook their entrances. After all, this is the usual place for people to come in and go out of an office. It is, therefore, one of the places that criminals will target to see whether it is possible for them to get in. How can you beef up the security measures you have at your office's entrance?

Security Doors

The first thing to consider with the security of any external door is how well it holds up against a determined intruder. Most offices will have a front door that can be locked, but this does not mean that it will always be up to the job of preventing unwarranted access. When you install security doors, it is much harder for somebody to force their way in. To begin with, a security door is secured into its frame in several places—so even if a crowbar is used to prise it away in one place, it will remain secure at another. What's more, good security doors will come with frames that are much more robust, too. These are often manufactured in durable metals rather than wood or plastic, which conventional doors tend to be made from.

Security Imagery

If thieves are looking to try and get in through your entrance by picking the lock or forcing the door open, they will often check out the situation well before they try to break in. Therefore, CCTV footage can be extremely useful because it will not only provide evidence but also be noticed by burglars, who may then choose to target a softer option elsewhere. No professional criminal likes the fact that they may have been filmed at a place they are planning on breaking into.

Security Shutters

Another good way to augment the security of an office entrance is to fit a roller shutter in front of the door. These drop down in front of a conventional door and provide an additional layer of protection. Although they stay rolled up overhead and remain out of the way during the day, once they have been deployed, their slats lock into one another to form a tight barrier. Not only does this prevent unwarranted access, but it also means that prying eyes cannot look into your office to look for valuables that might be worth stealing.