Ways to Prevent Damage of Waterfront Property

Posted on: 1 July 2019

Properties overlooking the sea or any large body of water are usually highly coveted for their breath-taking views of wonderful sunsets and sunrises and cool breezes on hot and humid days. They, however, stand the risk of damage from harsh weather elements such as strong winds, heavy rain and sometimes flooding. Working with a marine contractor, you will get professional help on ways to protect your property from damage. This article will explore several measures you can take to always keep your waterfront property safe.

Building Flood Vents

Also referred to as flood ports, a flood vent is a permanent opening in a wall that is designed to allow unobstructed flow of water from both sides into or out of a building. Using the wet-flood-proofing technique your marine contractor will be in a position to advise you on when and how to build these vents to ensure that your waterfront property is protected from any structural damage that may be caused by flooding.

Using Storm Shutters

These are steel or aluminum coverings constructed to protect your property from damage caused by storms. They are built to protect your windows from being shattered by flying objects during a storm. Although they are predominantly made of metal, they can sometimes be constructed using wood or plastic, and working closely with a marine contractor can help you make the right decision on the material to use.

Constructing Seawalls

In addition to flooding, one of the other damages to your waterfront property is soil erosion. Therefore, constructing a seawall between the property and the water body will help to significantly reduce the risk of flooding as well as soil erosion, especially during severe weather such as heavy rains.

Draining Tiles

During construction, a marine contractor will advise you on the construction of drain tiles. These are mainly used to direct and disperse water. Some drain tiles can be connected to the gutters and buried to disperse excess water underground and away from the rest of the property. In addition, when constructing the basement, drain tiles can be used to collect and disperse the water away from the foundation of the property, hence increasing its stability.

Having discussed the above pointers for preventing damage to your waterfront property, you will be in a better position to ensure that while undertaking construction, you consider these safety tips with help from a marine contractor. Most of the damage to waterfront properties is usually foreseen, and this article seeks to put you in a more informed position to consider various safety options.