Building Your First Custom Home? the Case for One Level Design

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Building your first home can be exciting, and there is a lot to consider in the planning and construction journey. Other than the type of materials to use, the number of windows you need and where to place them, perhaps the most important consideration is the design of your home. The decision to build a custom house comes with the freedom to choose a design that will suit your lifestyle and include custom elements that work within your budget. 

If you are new to the property market, here's why a single-storey home design makes a great option for your first custom home. 

Accessibility Advantage

A custom dream house should cater to your current and future lifestyle. If you are expecting to have kids, a single-storey design is quite worthwhile as it eliminates the need for stairs that could pose a safety risk for curious toddlers. 

Also, as you age, you want to remain in a home that allows for easy movement. Hence, planning for the future and making sure your home provides easy accessibility and a child-friendly layout is key. 

Open Living 

A single-storey home can appear more spacious as it eliminates the need for more room to accommodate a staircase. Having a home sitting on one level allows more freedom when designing a floor plan and offers a sense of open space that every modern homeowner is bound to love. 

The single-storey home design gives the impression of open living with rooms flowing into one another, wider hallways and seamlessly combines the indoor-outdoor living perfect for the Australian lifestyle. 

Savings on Energy and More

On average, a one-level design can be considerably cheaper compared to double-storey design. This allows you the opportunity to save more on construction costs and maybe redirect the money on luxury upgrades for a contemporary finish. 

Such homes are also more energy-efficient because heating and cooling a single-storey home is less costly than a home with multiple levels. They also require less upkeep in areas such as the roof, windows and gutters as they are easily accessible, making cleaning and maintenance lot easier for you. 

Strong Investment and Increased Re-Sale Appeal 

Single-storey homes hold a wide market appeal due to their accessibility and overall design. Families with young kids prefer rooms with easer viewing/monitoring angles while older people may feel more comfortable in homes that have a one-level design. 

This makes homes with a single-storey design more appealing to a wide range of people and is likely to boast high demand. 

If you are looking into building your first custom home, make sure to consult with your construction contractor to help you decide the appropriate design for your lifestyle.