Foundation Underpinning: How Long Do Experts Take to Complete the Project?

Posted on: 30 March 2019

If you are planning to hire contractors for foundation underpinning services, one of the key things you will be concerned about is the time it will take. Basement lowering often includes tasks like lowering the floor; adding insulation, floor drains, and stud wall partitions; reinforcing the foundation, and waterproofing – all these tasks take time.

Which factors determine the duration of the project?

Searching for experts

Since foundation underpinning is not a DIY task, the only experts who can handle the job are construction contractors. You have to search for a reliable contractor. The service provider you hire must be knowledgeable, experienced and have a team of trained workers. Moreover, they should also be insured specifically for underpinning work – you want to ensure you're protected and that the building is covered in case any accidents occur. The general liability coverage contractors have cannot cover underpinning projects. Besides, your general home insurance policy does offer the protection you require as well.

Once you find a few companies you can consider, be sure to ask for the portfolio of their previous underpinning projects and references. With this information, you will be in a better position to make an informed choice.

Scope of work

What kind of service do you require? Should the professionals dig the basement deeper? The more they dig, the more the work. For instance, if you intend to go deeper than eight feet, the walls of your foundation must be reinforced.

The experts need to take care of the permits and drawings before the project starts. Acquiring the permit takes about two weeks or more, and the expenses you'll incur will be determined by the linear footage of the job. This must also include plumbing permits.

Typically, an underpinning project usually takes about one to two months to complete; however, this period does not include the finishing. Specific conditions of the task and the engineering details will also impact the length of your project.

Nonetheless, as the underpinning job progresses, some unforeseen issues may arise, especially if your house is old. If that's the case, more time will be needed to complete the project successfully. Additionally, if water lines and electrical panels have to be installed or moved, or the basement stairs need to be extended or rebuilt, you can be sure the project will take a while to complete.

As you can see, it's not easy to predict the exact time a foundation underpinning project will take. Be sure to talk to your contractor. Once they access the job at hand, it'll be easier to be advised accordingly.