5 Reasons Metal Roofs Need Insulation More than Most

Posted on: 8 September 2018

Metal roofs come with plenty of fantastic benefits, but you shouldn't consider your metal roof finished until it has been insulated. Of course, nearly all roofs should be insulated regardless of the material they're made from, but here are just five reasons why it's even more important when your roof is made from metal.

1. Cold Weather Protection

You'll often see metal roofs used in areas that enjoy warmer temperatures, and that's no coincidence. Metal reflects heat from the sun, minimizing the amount that gets into the property to keep things cool even during the height of summer. However, metal roofs aren't quite as good at protecting you from the cold. Metal just isn't thick or dense enough to keep in much heat when the weather turns chilly. Adding insulation behind your metal roof will keep your heating bills down during colder periods.

2. Reduced Compression

One drawback of metal roofing is that metal expands and contracts as it warms and cools. Variations in humidity can also cause changes, and this can create pressure near the base of a metal roof. Fitting insulation behind the metal acts as a means of reducing compression, preventing damage and eliminating that wavy look metal roofs often take on when the sun is shining its hardest.

3. Protection from Major Dents

Unlike most other roofing materials, metal can be dented relatively easily if hit hard enough. Aluminium and copper roofs are particularly at risk of denting. One thing you can do to prevent this from happening is adding insulation behind the roof; it presses up against the metal, so even serious impacts won't be able to cause major dents.

4. Sound Absorption

If there's one major problem people tend to have with metal roofs, it's sound amplification. When it rains, your metal roof can sound like a drum. Whether you're entertaining friends or lying in bed trying to nod off, that can become plenty irritating. Instead of putting up with a loud roof, install plenty of insulation to form a sound barrier between the roof and your living space.

5. Increases Resale Value

Finally, keep in mind that many homeowners aren't familiar with metal roofs. They should add to a property's value since they last so long, but many potential buyers will be put off by a metal roof if they haven't had one before. If you can tell them it's insulated, they'll be more likely to consider your property. That could mean finding your home easier to sell and commanding a higher asking price.

For more information, contact your local roof insulation company.