3 Ways You Can Modify Your New Tennis Court For Other Sports

Posted on: 28 February 2018

Building a tennis court on your property is a great way of increasing the value of your home while also providing a place where you can enjoy a game and get some exercise. However, tennis courts can be adapted of so they can be used for much more than hitting a small yellow ball around. Read on to find out how you can modify your new tennis court.

Think about installing basketball hoops

Rather than installing a grass tennis court, you could opt for an all-weather surface which will allow you to play a number different games without fear of causing damage to the court. For example, an all-weather surface can be used to play basketball on. You simply need to install basketball hoops at either end of the tennis court. To avoid the need to install poles, you could attach the baseboard of each net to the wire fence which surrounds the court. If you are not planning to install a wire fence, you could invest in mobile basketball hoops and poles. Doing so will prevent the equipment from getting in the way when you are planning tennis.

Opt for Roller Hockey

An all-weather surface on your tennis court will also allow you to use the space for roller hockey. Roller hockey involves two teams who are wearing roller skates or blades. The team skate around on the surface of the court and use a hockey stick to try and hit a puck into the back of a net. Hockey nets can be collapsed and stored and quickly constructed when you want to play. You will, of course, need to remember to take down the net before you commence play so no one runs into it.

Consider constructing a wall so you can play squash

Squash is a high energy sport which can be played on a tennis court. Once again, you will need to ask your tennis court builder to install an all-weather surface so the squash ball will bounce if it hits the ground. Squash also requires a large wall which the ball can be hit. Using the side of your home may prove a problem as it most likely contains windows so it is recommended that you have a concrete wall constructed at one end of the tennis court.

If you would like further advice, you should contact a tennis court building today for more information.