Reasons to Integrate Reclaimed Timber in Your Construction Project

Posted on: 9 January 2018

Irrespective of what type of construction project you are planning, be it a shed on your property, exterior living space or even a principal residence, chances are you are contemplating timber for sale as your primary construction supplies. From beautiful hardwood floors to attractive siding, lumber stays a popular choice for these projects as it offers versatility that is unmatched. Nonetheless, simply because you want to make use of timber does not mean it is mandatory to utilise virgin wood. Over the years, more people are leaning toward reclaimed timber as it accords you numerous benefits you would not reap from its virgin counterpart. The following article will expound on a few reasons why you should integrate reclaimed timber into your construction project.

Reclaimed timber is astoundingly strong

You may hear about reclaimed wood and how it is harvested from previous timber applications and have the preconception that the integrity of this material will not be up to par. And although this is a logical concern, the surprising reality is that reclaimed timber is stronger than when compared to some virgin alternatives. The reason for this inherent strength is that reclaimed wood typically originates from mature forests. Thus, the wood was harvested after it has been exposed to weathering, giving it an innate resistant to moisture damage and pests.

You also will not have to worry about premature cracking or warping from your reclaimed timber as it is quite stable. Moreover, the more aged the wood is, the denser it becomes, which in turn lends reclaimed lumber a hardness that would be hard to come by with virgin timber. So if you are considering timber for sale to be utilised in heavy-duty applications, reclaimed wood would be the best bet.

Reclaimed timber is a sustainable supply

As the awareness of global warming becomes more and more widespread, homeowners and contractors alike are looking toward green building supplies to ensure that they are not having an adverse impact on the planet. Reclaimed timber is an environmentally conscious option for several reasons. Firstly, the reclaimed timber does not have to go through numerous manufacturing that would release carbon emissions into the air. Therefore, its production poses minimal harm to the environment.

Secondly, since reclaimed timber is being recycled, you do not have to be concerned about deforestation. Surprisingly, with these environmental advantages, you could still find that reclaimed timber is even more affordable too! Therefore, it is an all-around sustainable option for both the environment as well as your construction project.