Need to Replace or Duplicate Your Car's Transponder Keys?

Posted on: 19 October 2017

Though rather sophisticated, car transponder keys are programmed to disarm your car's engine immobiliser system allowing your car's ignition system to start. They have a small chip and use a digital signature that is unique to your car. Unlike with conventional car keys, replacing or duplicating a transponder key requires that you cut new keys and then have them programmed to start your ignition system. 

If this sounds complex, a professional car locksmith can help you replace or duplicate your transponder keys. Here's a look at how they will go about the job:

When replacing your original chip keys

In most cases, programming a chipped key is a separate service from key cutting, but a professional locksmith should be able to undertake both services. For a locksmith to program your car to recognise new car keys, they need to be properly equipped. If you need to replace your transponder keys, you need to have the right information on your car's model, make and year. You can find this information by decoding the vehicle's identification number, abbreviated as VIN.

If you do not have an original car keys, the locksmith will require a code cutter or laser cutter when cutting your new keys. The code will then be entered to the code cutter and you'll have a new car keys with correct specification for your car. Thereafter, you can personally program your keys or contact a dealer or locksmith if you require assistance.

When duplicating your original chip keys.

This is done to save you stress and time wasting that come about when you cannot find your original keys. Your locksmith would require your original keys to make a copy. Using a key duplicator, the locksmith would then cut the key and aligned similarly to the original key. The more the complexity of your keys, the more it is difficult to produce similar cuts. Unlike getting a replacement to your chipped keys, cutting a duplicate to your original keys is relatively easy. Afterwards, you'll need to program your transponder keys. If you need assistance with the programming you need to contact your locksmith contractor.

Using a transponder key is a great way of securing your car. It is important to see a professional automotive locksmith when you need to make a duplicate of your keys or to get a replacement. Avoid car lockouts inconveniences by having a duplicate made ahead of time.