Pros of Constructing a Granny Flat on Your Property

Posted on: 22 May 2017

If you have a large backyard, you may be considering ways to put it to good use rather than simply have grass on it. An attractive option for homeowners is a constructing a swimming pool, but this can present you with additional household maintenance costs. If you would like a hassle free improvement that possibly could earn you money, you should consider constructing a granny flat. This structure is a self-contained abode that typically comprises living quarters, bathroom facilities, an entertainment space as well as a kitchen. Thus, it has all the amenities that can afford an individual privacy from the principal home. Below are some of the pros of constructing a granny flat on your property.

A granny flat can provide you with additional income

If you are looking to make an investment on your property, a granny flat would be the right choice to make. These types of dwellings provide you with a rental space that can easily supplement your current income. Moreover, you would not have to worry about strangers intruding on your privacy. Since the granny flat is self-contained, tenants should be able to keep to themselves without needing to interact with you on a daily basis. You could also consider constructing a separate access point to the granny flat if you would like further segregation from your home.

A granny flat boosts your property value

A rule of thumb when considering home improvements is to ensure that they will be contributing to the overall value of your residence. A granny flat is one of the renovations that would make your premises more valuable as it provides you with additional living space. Thus, whether the future homeowners want to rent it out or not, they have an extra room that they can choose to do whatever they want with at their discretion. It would be advisable to consult with your building contractors on how best to design the granny flat to ensure that it provides you with maximum property value.

A granny flat provides a transitional space

In this economy, it is not uncommon to find adult children living at the familial home or longer as it has become difficult to handle the current cost of living. However, having to stay under one roof with your adult child can put a strain on the parent-child relationship. To prevent this, you can have them move into the granny flat as they transition to living on their own.