3 Kitchen Window Coverings That Aren't Susceptible To Condensation Damage

Posted on: 16 May 2017

You can hang curtains or install cotton or polyester blinds in your kitchen, but as kitchens tend to have a high concentration of moisture in the air from cooking and washing dishes, fabric window coverings can easily become stained with mould and mildew. Not only is this unsightly, it's also not very hygienic. Additionally, if fabric window coverings get splashed with food or grease, they can be difficult to clean, so you may be stuck with unattractive marks. Here's an overview of three window coverings that are ideal for kitchens:

Privacy Film

Privacy film is a self-adhesive PVC window covering that creates a frosted window effect without completely blocking out natural light. The film comes in a variety of designs, including plain opaque, stained glass, frosted stripes and tiles. Once the glass is covered with privacy film, no one will be able to see into your kitchen window, but the design of this window covering means you won't be able to see out of your window, either. Privacy film is inexpensive and a good option for those who don't have much of a view out their kitchen window. Privacy film is resistant to condensation, can be wiped clean and has the added benefit of blocking out UV rays, which helps protect your furniture from sun damage.

PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC Venetian blinds consist of rows of vertical slats and come in range of colours, so you can match them to your kitchen décor. They are easy to clean, as you simply have to go over each horizontal slat with a damp cloth, but when they're closed, they completely block out natural light. PVC Venetian blinds will still obstruct the view into your kitchen when the slats are open, and leaving the slats open will allow sufficient light to enter your kitchen. These window coverings would suit those who are seeking a degree of privacy but who are still comfortable having the blind slats open during the day.

Internal Wooden Window Shutters

Internal wooden window shutters are a pricey option, but they are made with solid wood, which will ensure they last for many years if they are cared for. The wood is treated with a water-resistant polymer coating that can be wiped clean with a cloth. The horizontal slats are angled, so although they don't completely close in the way Venetian blinds do, they afford you total privacy without completely blocking out natural light. Internal wooden window shutters can be a good option for those looking to add value to their home and those whose kitchens are spacious enough to allow the shutters to be opened fully for the purpose of cleaning or simply to let more natural light into the kitchen.

These three types of kitchen window coverings suit different budgets and meet different needs, but all have the benefit of being easy to clean and resistant to condensation damage. When selecting your window covering, consider how you use your kitchen and what features are non-negotiable to you.