Five Carpentry Ideas to Optimise the Space in Your Kitchen and Make It Feel Larger

Posted on: 12 April 2017

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, and if you want your kitchen to look larger or offer more storage, you may want to consult with a carpenter. Here's a look at some of the carpentry solutions you may want to consider.

1. Open Shelves

Open shelves add a fun effect to your kitchen, and unlike traditional cabinets, you don't have to worry about dead space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Instead, you can have those shelves run all the way to the ceiling so that you optimise your space. You can also play with varying depths, which ultimately means that you can put shelves in areas where you might not be able to fit traditional cabinetry.

2. Custom Storage Cabinets

You also may want to work with a residential carpenter to create custom storage solutions. You can do this with your existing cabinets or when you put in new cabinets. Essentially, these customisations boost the amount of useable space in your cabinets, and that helps optimise your space so that you can store more items in relatively limited space.

Some of the customisations you may want to consider include special racks connected to the cabinet doors for spaces, shelves that slide out so you can easily access items in the back of the cupboards, and similar types of customisations.

3. Blind Corner Solutions

With many mass produced kitchen cabinets, you end up with dead spots in the corners. A residential carpenter can help you remedy this issue with a range of corner solutions. For example, a lazy susan or rotating shelf can work perfectly in corners. Alternatively, you may want to talk with a carpenter about putting in trays that glide or swing out of your corner cabinets.

4. Smooth Lines

If you're trying to make your kitchen look larger as well as be more functional, you may want to opt for cabinets with smooth designs. For example, instead of picking a knotty pine or distressed looking shabby chic cabinets, you may want to talk with your carpenter about installing cabinets with sleek, glass-smooth surfaces. Those are less visually distracting than some other designs, reducing the feel of clutter in your kitchen.

5. Light Colours

Finally, the colours of your cabinets and shelf work also matter. Consider going with a light coloured wood such as birch or holly. Alternatively, ask your carpenter if he or she can recommend a wood that you can easily paint a light colour. Light shades allow light to bounce off the wood, creating the illusion of more space.