The Layperson's Guide to Painting Associations

Posted on: 5 December 2016

If you're looking for a painter and decorator to finish off your construction job, chances are you've got more than one criteria on which you are considering potentials. You'll probably be looking at past jobs, at cost, at level of experience, at whether or not you get on with them and at what their availability is like—but are you stopping to check whether or not they've been accredited by one of the large national painter's associations? You most certainly should be, and here's why.

Painting Associations: A Basic Overview

Many trades have accrediting bodies and formal associations, and painting is no different. The concept is a very simple one: they have certain requirements for entry, but of they agree that if a contractor meets their high standards, that contractor is allowed to become a member and display the association's logo on their own materials. Potential clients are then able to rely on the judgement of a large and well-respected national organisation who exists entirely to decide whether a professional is good enough or not, rather than simple hearsay and guesswork.

These associations are the only real way for an ordinary person hoping to hire a contractor to have any guarantees or peace of mind about who that contractor is and how good they will be, and these groups also tend to offer assistance with solving any disputes that may occur between a contractor and their clients.

Why It's Important To Pick An Accredited Painter

Still wondering if it's worth adding something to your list of criteria? Here's a rundown of everything you'll benefit from if you stick to painters who have been properly accredited:

  • No painter whose work hasn't been checked is able to join an accrediting body, meaning that you can rest assured that the painter you're choosing is properly skilled.
  • These associations check track records and professional qualifications for you in advance, meaning you'll know your contractor's paperwork is up to scratch.
  • Most associations are able to offer advice and support to ordinary people who need some expert reassurance while trying to make a decision about a professional or register a complaint with one they've already hired.
  • Any painter hired through an association will carry out their work to the best of their ability, in a professional manner and while adhering to all current legal and environmental requirements.
  • The majority of these associations have their own ethical codes, meaning if you hire a painter who has been accredited by one, they will abide by this ethical code.

How To Find And Contact A Painting Association

There are several painting associations in Australia, but the oldest and most prestigious is the MPA. They offer a variety of services to ordinary people looking to hire a painter, including a service that will match you with a professional who meets your needsa colour consulting service for anyone redecorating their home or office and looking for advice and a general enquiry service to deal with any questions you might have. It's well worth keeping them—or one of the other accrediting bodies and associations—in mind while you're searching for a painter to complete your job; the peace of mind they can afford you is invaluable.