Building a Custom Home? Don't Forget About the Backyard

Posted on: 15 November 2016

When you are in the process of having a custom home built, it is easy to plan for the number of rooms, size of the living room, and layout of the kitchen, but don't forget about the outdoor spaces. In your backyard, there is a lot that the home builder can help you with so it is good to have this as part of the overall plan. Here are some different ideas for outdoor spaces to add.

Have an Outdoor Kitchen Built

If you live somewhere that has mild weather conditions, then you can probably use your outdoor spaces year-round. This calls for having a kitchen built outdoors. A home builder can help you get a custom outdoor kitchen that includes a grill along with some nice outdoor-friendly countertops, flooring, and of course a stovetop and other cooking essentials. You can also have the kitchen built near an outdoor fireplace that also works for cooking some of your meals over an open fire. An outdoor kitchen is great for having company over, as well as encouraging your family to spend more time outdoors.

Consider a Large Deck With Built-in Seating

Since your home is being custom-built, you can leave enough room in your backyard for a deck. The deck is going to provide enough space for socializing and can have everything from a fire pit in the middle to a grill and dining area. Another really good idea to talk to your builder about is having built-in seating added around the perimeter of the deck. This provides plenty of space for all your friends and family, and prevents you from having to buy enough chairs.

Include a Sunroom in Your Building Project

Sunrooms are another thing to add to your home to have a nice backyard experience, but without actually having to be out in the elements. This addition is definitely something to talk to your home builder about when designing your new home. The sunroom is usually attached to the back or side of your home and looks out into your yard and garden. It is surrounded by glass with doors, so that you can go out into the garden as needed, but can also sit in the room protected by the elements but still enjoy the view.

Plan For Different Outdoor Zones

You are not subjected to just choosing one type of outdoor space, especially if you have a nice sized backyard. You can set up different zones, such as a dining area, another area for parties, a quiet spot in the garden with a water fountain, and of course an outdoor kitchen if you want one. Select the use for each zone to determine where it should be placed.