Questions to Expect During a Warehousing Job Interview

Posted on: 29 July 2016

Some people who may wish to work in warehouses are apprehensive about going for interviews conducted by warehousing labour hire companies. Their apprehension may be because they do not know what kind of questions they will be asked during the interview. This article discusses some of the questions that you may be asked when you go for a warehousing job interview.

How Can You Identify Compromised Products?

Many distribution companies try to avoid dispatching defective products to their clients for several reasons. First, the defective product is likely to ruin the reputation of the distributor or manufacturer in the client's eyes. Secondly, defective products can erode the profit margin of the distributor or manufacturer because extra costs are incurred to ship a replacement product.

It is therefore possible that the recruiter will try to find out whether you have the aptitude to suspect that a product may be damaged or defective. You should therefore give responses that reveal that you have a keen eye for noticing abnormalities, such as damaged packing materials and spills on the packaging.

What Would You Do If a Product Spilled While You Are Working?

Recruiters may also be interested in gauging how conscious you are about safety issues. They may therefore ask you to explain what you would do in case a potentially toxic substance spilled during your shift in a retailer's warehouse.

Be prepared to give an answer that would show what steps you would take to protect yourself from exposure to the toxic substance, such as by ensuring that no part of your skin is exposed as you get close to the spill. You can also reveal that you would immediately push away any packages that may be near the spill zone. Such a response would demonstrate that you could take steps to limit the damage caused by an accidental spill as you work.

What Would You Do If a Workmate Is Very Slow?

Warehouses rely on teamwork in order to fulfill client orders efficiently. It is therefore likely that the warehousing labour hire firm will try to establish your ability to perform within a team. You can answer such a question by saying that you can share tips on how to accomplish tasks, such as finding a product on a shelf quickly. Such an answer may reveal that you are willing help team members to perform better so that work progresses seamlessly.

You do not have to feel sorry for yourself if any of your answers is not accurate. After all, warehousing employees are usually trained before they start working. You should just aim at showing your professionalism and willingness to learn as you answer interview questions. Use the information above to ace any warehousing labour hire interview that you attend.